How long before I receive my quilt?

Once I receive your t-shirts, your quilt will be finished and shipped to you in about two months. Please email me if you need your quilt in a shorter time frame.

Can I choose the layout of my quilt?

Yes, you can include a sketch, or send or email a picture of the shirts laid out in the order you prefer.

What is included in the cost?

$15 (hand-tied) or $18 (machine-quilted) per square includes all fabric, backing, batting, thread, and labor. Shipping and (optional) embroidery are not included in the per-square price. Machine-quilted quilts include a 3" outer border.

Where are you located?

Lindenhurst is in northern Illinois, near the Wisconsin state line. I have a workshop where the quilts are made - When shipping via UPS or FedEx to Wild Zipper, you should not be charged residential surcharges. My shipping address is a UPS store in a neighboring community.

Do you ship to APO/FPO addresses?


Do you ship to Canada?

Yes. Costs are determined individually, as rates vary by provinces.

Are t-shirt quilts washable?

Yes, they are machine washable and dryable.

How big are the squares?

I normally use a 14" template, but depending on the size of the logos/shirt designs, I can use any size from 12" to 16". The seam allowance brings the size of each square approximately 1/2" smaller than the template size.

Should I send extra shirts in case some don't work?

No. I will use what you send. I would prefer not to return unused items. I can use just about any washable garment.

What is the difference between hand-tied and machine quilted?

Hand-tied: I use a high-loft (fluffy) batting between the layers of the quilt and tie little knots at intervals through all the layers. On the front side of the quilt, you will see tiny "X's" that are barely visible as I match the colors. On the backside, I tie the knots and leave a 1" tassel. Machine quilting: I use a different type batting which has the feeling of blanket. The layers are all sewn together on a longarm quilting machine and the result is an overall pattern stitched over the entirety of the quilt. The binding on this type of quilt is about 3/4", whereas the hand-tied method provides a 1-3/4" edge.

What if I cannot pay for my quilt?

No problem. I will hold your quilt for one year from completion and if you still haven't paid, it will be donated to a homeless shelter where it will be cherished.