How long before I receive my quilt?

Once I receive your t-shirts, your quilt will be finished and shipped to you in about two months. Please email me if you need your quilt in a shorter time frame.

Can I choose the layout of my quilt?

Yes, you can include a sketch, or send or email a picture of the shirts laid out in the order you prefer.

What is included in the cost?

$18 (machine-quilted) per square includes all fabric, backing, batting, thread, and labor. Shipping and (optional) embroidery are not included in the per-square price. Quilts include a 3" outer border.

Where are you located?

Lindenhurst is in northern Illinois, near the Wisconsin state line. I have a workshop where the quilts are made - When shipping via UPS or FedEx to Wild Zipper, you should not be charged residential surcharges. My shipping address is a UPS store in a neighboring community.

Do you ship to APO/FPO addresses?


Do you ship to Canada?

Yes. Costs are determined individually, as rates vary by provinces.

Are t-shirt quilts washable?

Yes, they are machine washable and dryable.

How big are the squares?

I normally use a 14" template, but depending on the size of the logos/shirt designs, I can use any size from 12" to 16". The seam allowance brings the size of each square approximately 1/2" smaller than the template size.

Should I send extra shirts in case some don't work?

No. I will use what you send. I would prefer not to return unused items. I can use just about any washable garment.

What if I cannot pay for my quilt?

No problem. I will hold your quilt for one year from completion and if you still haven't paid, it will be donated to a homeless shelter where it will be cherished.