Quilts In Progress

If you have a t-shirt quilt at Wild Zipper, you can follow its progress here.
There are 5 stages. They are:

  • 1. T-shirts have been received
  • 2. T-shirts are cut and ready for layout
  • 3. Layout is complete (now is the time for you to request changes if you want to!)
  • 4. Top of the quilt is complete
  • 5. Quilt is complete

Please feel free to contact me at any time during the progress of your t-shirt quilt.

Click on a square to open, click on the photo to close.


Last NameDateStatus
Adler2021-07-13Quilt is complete
Aneis2021-09-13T-shirts have been received
Beese2020-12-12Quilt is complete
Douaire2021-06-01Quilt is complete
Giza2021-01-12Quilt is complete
Kitterman2021-01-10Quilt is complete
Long2021-09-06Quilt is complete
McDermott2020-12-02Quilt is complete
McDermott 22021-03-04Quilt is complete
McKenna2021-09-14Layout is complete
Napoli2020-11-24Quilt is complete
Nathan2021-08-22Quilt is complete
Schleser2021-08-02Quilt is complete
Smith2021-06-28Quilt is complete
Stevenson2021-05-23Quilt is complete
Vince2021-08-31T-shirts are cut and ready for layout
Williams2020-11-14Quilt is complete
Wright2021-02-24Quilt is complete
Ziolkowski2020-12-21Quilt is complete
Ziolkowski 22020-11-28Quilt is complete